Itinerary around Mont Ventoux

This route touches the Dentelles de Montmirail between villages and vineyards.
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Route: 62 km | Duration: 1/2 day | Recommended period: August/September

This route touches the Dentelles de Montmirail area, a concentration of rocks resembling complex lacework, dentelles in French. At their base are marvellous villages and lush vineyards that climb boldly up the steepest slopes.

We recommend this area not only to those who want to treat themselves to a relaxing day but also to walkers and hikers due to the presence of Mont Ventoux , which is home to rare species of eagles and butterflies – a true paradise for nature lovers.

Main stages

  1. Vaison-la-Romaine – Malaucene – Bédoin
  2. Crillon-le-Brave – Caromb – Le Barroux – Suzette
  3. Beaumes-de-Venise – Vacqueyras – Gigondas – Seguret

Departing from Vaison-la-Romaine, the first stop is Malaucéne, a large Provençal village at the foot of the northern slope of Mont Ventoux: it will be pleasant to stroll through the winding streets shaded by plane trees and savour the slowness typical of Provence.

Travel Tips

Continue on to Bédoin, a perched village boasting the largest communal forests in France and a classic stage of the Tour de France cycling race thanks to its 15% gradient.

Passing by by car you will also see another characteristic village, Crillon-le-Brave.

In Caromb , on the other hand, the stage includes a visit to the 14th-century church, not only one of the largest in the area but also one of the loudest: the bells can be heard some ten kilometres away. On very sultry days, you can take a dip in the Paty reservoir.

This brings you to Le Barroux, a beautiful village dominated by a mighty stronghold.

Worth seeing

Travel Tips

The route ends in Séguret, one of the most beautiful villages in Provence. Don’t miss the wine festival on the third weekend in August.

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