Ochre Route

Between Roussilon and Rustrel, an itinerary to discover the ochre colours of the Luberon, a land full of picturesque villages and enchanting nature walks.
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Route: 22 km by car | Duration: 1/2 day | Recommended period: July/August

The marvellous ochre colours of the Luberon were known since ancient times by the Romans but were only extracted on a consistent basis from the 18th century onwards.

This route will take you to the most beautiful spots to admire this wonder of nature.

Main stops

  1. Roussillon
  2. Gargas
  3. Rustrel

The tour starts in the beautiful village of Roussillon. After visiting the colourful, multi-hued village, you can descend to admire the colours of the Ochre Trail.


Also in Roussillon, you can visit the Conservatoire des Ocres et Pigments Appliqués to learn all about coloured pigments, the chromatic properties of ochre and visit the factory.

We move on to Gargas, where there is the last still active ochre quarry in Europe that can be accessed by guided tours.

Finally, you reach Rustrel to embark on the various walking trails of the Colorado Provence.

Travel Tips

  1. Sentier Morenas: departure from Camping du Colorado. You reach the Muset cross.
    Distance: 5.5 km | Duration: 2 h | Slope: 150 m.
  2. Sentier des Blaces: departure from the Camping du Colorado. You reach the Christol cross.
    Distance: 11.5 km | Time: 3 h 30 | Slope: 350
  3. Sentier des Crêtes: departure from Istrane. It reaches the Christol cross.
    Distance: 13 km | Time: 4 h | Slope: 200 m
  4. Sentier de la Combe Étroite: departure from the Bouvène municipal car park.
    Distance: 3.4 km | Duration: I h 30 | Slope: 100 m.
  5. Sentier des Maîtres de Forges: departure from the Camping du Colorado campsite. You reach the Chapelle Notre-dame des anges.
    Distance: 2.2 km | Duration: 1 h 30 | Slope: 350 m.
  6. Sentier des Cheminées de Fées: departure from the Bouvène municipal car park.
    Distance: 1 km | Duration: 30 min | Slope: 40 m | Marked in blue
  7. Sentier du Sahara: departure from the Bouvène municipal car park.
    Distance: 1.5 km | Duration: 45 min | Slope: 10 m | Marked in red

Also at Rustrel is a fun trail, the Colorado Aventures, an obstacle course in the thickest meanders of the forest between the rocks. Especially fun if you are travelling with kids!




Roussillon is one of the most beautiful villages in France and is famous for its incredible colours, the warm tones of the façades and the surrounding rocks.
Rustrel and the Colorado Provencal

Rustrel and the Colorado Provencal

The Colorado Provence is a canyon with impressive reliefs, shaped like fairy chimneys, with a colour palette that changes from yellow to bright red.