Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2025 at Disneyland Paris

If you are planning a trip to Paris over the Christmas period with your children, then don't miss a visit to Disneyland Paris, which is cloaked in magic.
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If you are planning a trip to Paris over the Christmas period with your children, then don’t miss a visit to Disneyland Paris.

The theme park is cloaked in a magical Christmas atmosphere and every nook and cranny is festively decorated. There are also plenty of Christmas-themed events that will make your visit even more special and enchant your children.

Wreaths, huge Christmas trees, festively dressed characters, Santas, reindeer and sleighs will make your children experience all the magic of the festive season and let them daydream.

The Christmas Parade


During the Christmas period, the famous Christmas parade takes place three times a day: a parade of all the children’s favourite characters dressed in Christmas colours.

Every year, the parade is renewed with new and exciting details, music and details.

Meeting Father Christmas


The children’s paradise must include Santa’s little house where the little ones can meet the white-bearded old man and leave him their Christmas letters.

Children can have their pictures taken with him and all his magical elves.

The Disney Princesses Parade


The most popular moment for little girls is definitely the Royal Promenade, the parade of Disney heroines, updated every year with new cartoons.

From the newest ones like Merida, Elsa and Anna to the timeless ones like Ariel, Snow White or Mulan.

Night-time light shows


At Disneyland Paris, even the grown-ups will be entertained by a fabulous night-time light and sound show with projections, videos and performances.

This great show will take everyone’s breath away and make them experience a wonderful thrill.

New Year’s Eve at Disneyland Paris

Needless to say, celebrating New Year’s Eve with children precludes a whole host of options.

So if Paris is the destination, why not let them (and you) experience an adventure and an unforgettable fairy tale by spending New Year’s Eve at Disneyland Paris?

For the occasion, the amusement park is transformed into a big party for young and old together with all the children’s favourite characters: the magical atmosphere is ensured by all the Christmas decorations still present and the thousands of lights with which the park is adorned.

During the day you have the chance to visit the park and the attractions, in the evening you can dine in one of the many themed Disney Resort restaurants, and finally everyone can watch the wonderful fireworks being launched behind Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Unfortunately, both room and dinner prices at the Disney Resort are stratospheric. We advise you to take advantage of some last-minute offers that are often proposed by the resort or you can decide to stay in a hotel near the park and go only for dinner and to experience the magical evening.


Photo © Disneyland Paris