Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris (formerly EuroDisney) is the largest and most visited theme park in Europe. Useful visiting information and admission tickets.

Children or adults, no one can resist the magic of Disneyland Paris! Born in 1992 as EuroDisney, the Disneyland Paris amusement park is located a few kilometres east of Paris and attracts millions of visitors every year in search of magic, adrenaline and thrills. Visiting Disneyland Paris is an incredible plunge into the Disney universe, a world that has accompanied us in the meanders of imagination and wonder since our earliest childhood.

The attraction is made up of 2 large thematic areas, the Disneyland Park, divided into sectors that evoke fantastic and historical scenarios, and the Walt Disney Studios, where you can take a journey through cartoons and animated films behind the scenes.

Just a few steps away from the parks is Disney Village, a district dedicated to entertainment: with more than 30,000 square metres, this area offers themed restaurants, shops and a multiplex cinema. It is the ideal place to spend the evening when the parks close. Here you can browse in the Lego Store and many Disney shops, which are certainly less crowded than those inside the parks, dine in an ethnic restaurant or go up in the PanoraMagique, one of the largest hot-air balloons in the world, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

A temple of fun for young and old, Disneyland Paris has been expanded several times over the years to become the largest and most visited amusement park in Europe, an immense tourist complex comprising seven hotels and a variety of themed restaurants to entertain young and old, a golf course and two shopping centres.

Disneyland Park attractions

The Disneyland Park is the largest part of the entire resort. In the centre is the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle from which five themed areas branch off, with the various rides and attractions inside.

This is the heart of the park, where one can experience a magical, fairytale-like journey into the world of Disney. Here the great heroes of the Disney films come to life and make you experience incredible adventures: it is the place where all wishes come true and dreams become reality.

Undoubtedly, this is the part of the park most popular and most suitable for young children, where you will find the attractions best suited to them. But make no mistake: the park enchants even the most sceptical adults, who will magically become children again.

Main Street U.S.A.


Main Street U.S.A. is the park’s main boulevard, overlooked by many shops and restaurants and where the famous Disney character and princess parades take place.

From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the castle. This avenue reconstructs the main street of American small towns, in early 20th century style, and here you will find many souvenir shops and gadgets of all kinds.

At the beginning of the avenue is the Disneyland Railroad, the main means of getting around the park. With the Disneyland Railroad Frontierland Depot , a 20-minute ride, you can follow the Grand Circle Tour and see the main attractions from above.



Fantasyland is definitely the park’s most popular area for children: enter through Sleeping Beauty’s castle to embark on a fantasy journey among Disney’s best-loved characters, each represented by an attraction:



Frontierland will certainly drive older children and their parents crazy: a trip to the Wild West among old frontier towns, abandoned mines, Indian villages and roller coasters.



From Aladdin ‘s One Thousand and One Nights to Pirates of the Caribbean to Indiana Jones: at Adventureland you can experience a wonderful adventure with your favourite characters.



Discoveryland is dedicated to discoveries and visionary characters such as Jules Verne and H. G. Wells: the journey becomes more and more daring.

It is definitely the section of the park most suitable for older children and teenagers.

Walt Disney Studios Park

Gradually expanded and beautified over the years, the Walt Disney Studios is a mecca for Disney film and animation fans.

Especially loved by adults, teenagers and the very young, Walt Disney Studios is famous for its adrenaline-pumping attractions and thrill-packed shows. It is divided into 4 sectors: you can experience an incredible journey into the world of cinema, alternating visits to the most famous sets and scenes from the movies with attractions dedicated to special effects.

A special mention goes to the brand new Marvel World area.

Toon Studio

Worlds of Pixar

Production Courtyard

Front Lot

At Disney Studios 1 you can wander down Hollywood Boulevard and jump into the limelight for an amazing journey into the golden age of film.

Here you can become a movie star, join the cast of a real film and take the stage for real acting: from the sequins of the 1920s to the swing of the 1960s, you’ll witness the production of a film, scene after scene.

The Disney parade and evening shows

Your journey into the magical world of Disney magic is fuelled every moment of the day, when the streets of the park are constantly animated by the presence of Disney characters, available to guests for hugs and photographs. In addition, at different times of the day and in different areas of the park, there are shows and animations: to find out the places and times, we advise you to consult the park’s app or go to the Visitor Centre at the entrance.

One of the most fun and engaging moments is definitely the Disney Parade: every day, according to the seasonal schedule, colourful and bombastic floats parade through the centre of the park to the sound of music. The most famous characters, grappling with cheerful choreographies, will pass you full of enthusiasm.

Another highlight of your stay at Disneyland Paris is definitely Disney llluminations: just before the park closes, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle becomes a magical canvas on which an incredible sound and light show is projected.

Rendezvous at the Central Plaza for a unique show that combines captivating music, dazzling fireworks and breathtaking projections of the most famous characters from the Disney world, who have made generations of children dream. You will experience a total immersion in Magic, capable of moving even the most cynical.

We advise you to take your seats well in advance so that you can admire the show in the best spots and avoid being too uncomfortable during the 20 minutes of the performance. Therefore, it is essential to be well positioned to be able to admire the illuminations on Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the centre of the Disneyland park.

The best place, contrary to what you might think, is not right under the castle, because you would be too close and would not be able to see the whole show in its entirety. Also, at Main Street you will have difficulty seeing because of the trees there. Instead, we recommend the seats around the Central Plaza, especially near the sound and lighting engineers’ station, where you will have a perfect view. The only drawback is the crowds: you won’t be the only one with this idea, and to find a seat you need to arrive at least half an hour in advance. Take advantage of the wait, for example, to have something to eat.


The first thing to understand is that admission to Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park are two separate things, you can only buy tickets for one or the other or for both.

There are also different types of tickets: from the simple ticket valid only for a specific day, to the flexible open-date ticket (which obviously has a higher cost), to those valid for 2, 3 or 4 days.

The price also changes according to the season.

1-day tickets including transport from Paris

How to skip the lines at Disneyland Paris

One of the dreams of all visitors is to magically skip the lines. In part, it is possible. One of the recent revolutions within the Disney parks was the abolition of the old Fast Pass, a free service that allowed access to the park’s most popular attractions with little or no waiting time. In its place, new, all-digital passes have been introduced.

Standby Pass

This digital service aims to optimise the time visitors spend queuing at some of the attractions. The way Standby Passes work is very similar to the old Fastpasses: these free queue-jumpers can be booked on the Disneyland Paris app, after logging in and registering your tickets.

Unfortunately, unlike the old Fastpasses, the new tools are not always available. The standby pass queues are opened at the discretion of Disneyland Paris, depending on the turnout in the parks, at certain times chosen by the management. Using the Disneyland Paris app is even more important: it will allow you to check if they have activated Standby Passes for any attraction.

Practical tip: we recommend that you book a Standby Pass for a specific attraction that you wish to do and that is usually very popular. This way, depending on the queue, you will be allocated the first available time. Once the Standby Pass has been activated, you will have 30 minutes to go to the attraction at the booked time and present your QR code to access the dedicated queue.

Please remember that when you book a Standby Pass (one per ticket), you will have to wait until the start of the booked time to reserve another attraction, or wait 2 hours after the end of the booked time to reserve the same attraction again.

Also keep in mind that one Standby Pass can be used per attraction and that children over the age of 3 must also have a Standby Pass to access the dedicated queue.

Which attractions are covered by the StandbyPass?


Walt Disney Studios

Disney Premier Access

Unlike the Standby Pass, this digital service is chargeable: installed directly in the official Disneyland Paris app, it allows you to benefit from quick access, without having to queue, to certain key attractions. In any case, it is good to know that Disney Premier Access provides faster entry to the chosen attraction, but does not guarantee immediate access.

Disney Premier Access is certainly not cheap: prices range from €5 to €18 per person and per attraction, depending on the type of ride and date of use, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and school holidays in France.

To use the service, always go through the official Disneyland Paris application. Once you have created your account and linked all your tickets, you must purchase a time slot with a credit card, which is automatically assigned to the tickets. A QR code is then issued, which must be presented at the Premier Access entrance of the attraction.

Please note that you can purchase a maximum of 3 Disney Premier Access for each attraction, per person, per day and up to 12 Disney Premier Access for one attraction at a time, subject to availability. In addition, the amount of Disney Premier Access per time slot is limited.

Tips for visiting Disneyland Paris

Visiting Disneyland Paris is a real journey into magic and fantasy, a dream cultivated by children but also by adults all over the world. In spite of what one might think, however, the stay in the park often turns into a tour de force from which one leaves exhausted and exhausted: the size of the park is immense, the number of attractions high, the time available short, the distances to be covered long, the hours to spend in queues endless.

In order to enjoy your visit to the parks as comfortably as possible and bear the objective fatigue serenely, there are several tricks and tips to adopt to make your trip to Disneyland Paris as rosy as possible.

Favour comfortable clothing

A day at Disneyland, apart from being a whirlwind of excitement and magic, is also a concentration of fatigue: you spend many hours standing, queuing, or walking between areas of the park. For both adults and children, comfortable, light clothing is recommended, especially in summer: arm yourself with trainers and a sun hat.

Also bring a waterproof jacket, folding parasol and everything you need to protect yourself from the rain: the climate in Paris is variable and subject to a lot of rain, especially in the winter months.

A comfortable rucksack is also indispensable. It is more practical than a handbag as it allows you to spread the weight of water bottles, jumpers, umbrellas, a picnic if visitors wish to eat their sandwiches in the park and the various souvenirs that you will take home as a memento of the magical Disney Park.

Leaving your luggage at Disney Express

Very practical for those who will be staying in one of the hotels at Disneyland Paris, the Disney Express takes care of your luggage as soon as you arrive at the Marne la Vallée-Chessy station near the park.

It is the ideal solution for enjoying the attractions as quickly as possible, without having to make a diversion to the hotel to leave the whole family’s luggage. Although the service is chargeable, it is convenient for those with limited time available.

Choosing the best days

The choice of date to go to the Disney parks will greatly influence the quality of your day: the difference in waiting times can be very substantial.

During certain times of the year, the park receives very few visitors: from the beginning of September to mid-October, from mid-January to the Easter holidays and back-to-school days, as well as 26 December. At these times of year, visitors can enjoy the attractions without queuing. On the other hand, public holidays such as 1 January, Easter, 1 May, 15 August, 31 October (Halloween), 1 November, 25 December and 31 December should be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately, it must be pointed out that often, precisely during the dead periods, some attractions are closed for renovation or maintenance work. Not to mention that the programme of shows and events may be reduced.

In general, the best time to visit Disneyland Paris is on weekdays: Tuesdays and Thursdays are the least crowded, while weekends should be avoided . Mondays, on the other hand, are usually very crowded, as many people use them for a long weekend.

Taking advantage of smart hours

First of all, we advise you to get up very early and show up when the park opens. Once inside, head straight for the most popular attractions, which will see waiting times rise exponentially during the course of the day.

There are also times of the day when queues decrease slightly. These are the hours when people head for the parades, parade or night show. In fact, the attractions remain open until the park closes. Most visitors concentrate at the points of the shows and it is therefore the perfect time to enjoy the rides with very little queuing.

There is also less queuing between 12 noon and 2 p.m.: visitors stop to eat and the wait at the various attractions is much shorter.

After 6 p.m. most people start to stream out, especially those travelling with small children, who are now exhausted from the busy day. The closing time of the Disneyland Paris park varies according to the season, from 8pm to midnight, but in general many visitors tend to leave en masse at 6pm. So by staying until closing time, die-hard visitors can enjoy the attractions with far fewer queues and also avoid the crowds in the shuttles back to the Disney hotels.

Only those staying at Disney resorts (and Annual Pass holders) will have access to the Extra Magic Hours: Disney hotel guests will be able to enter one hour earlier than all other visitors. They’ll be able to enjoy many attractions without having to wait in long lines.

Plan your visit carefully

Visiting Disneyland in one day is impossible, especially if you want to enter both parks. In any case, we advise you, regardless of the time available, to make a plan in advance of the attractions, shows and activities you wish to visit.

Based on your list of priorities, you will be able to optimally organise your stay, and then change the order of your visit according to the queue to be monitored with the park’s App. In general, be aware that there are some attractions that are more popular than others.

Did you know that the Crush’s Coaster is the most popular attraction at Disneyland Paris? The queue can sometimes be very long. If you are interested in riding the Crush’s Coaster, we recommend that you queue as soon as you arrive to ensure that you don’t wait too long.

Download the official Disneyland Paris app

It is the indispensable tool for surviving inside the park. The Disneyland Paris mobile app contains maps of the parks to help you find your way around easily, show and parade times, the exact location of the toilets, but above all, it indicates the exact waiting times for the different attractions in real time.

Monitoring the queue for rides hour by hour will allow you to optimise your visit, favouring the attractions that are most accessible. In addition, the app also provides information on table availability at restaurants.

Make restaurant reservations in advance

In general, we advise you to spend as little time as possible at the table during the day: by reducing your lunchtime, you will have more time to devote to the attractions. Consider that, on average, the duration of the table service can extend from 45 minutes (express formula) to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Definitely not recommended if you prefer to devote your time to the park and the attractions.

If you don’t mind walking further and have time on your hands, the restaurants in Disney Village are often quiet at lunchtime, while those in the hotels, which are open to all visitors, are just as good and definitely deserted.

However, if you wish to experience a special moment, you can opt for a themed dinner in one of the park’s restaurants, strictly to be booked in advance, before your arrival. You will thus avoid the wait and the stress of looking for a table, while optimising your time.

It is always possible to picnic inside the park in the designated picnic areas: this will not only save you time visiting the attractions, but also avoid considerable expense in the in-house restaurants.

Visiting the parks with small children

Although the Disney parks are truly a unique and magical place, for very young children, who cannot access many attractions, the stay can become tiring and stressful.

First of all, we advise you to go during the week, to find fewer crowds: try to prefer the experience of walking and discovering the park rather than running to the attractions. Parades, shows and meeting the characters are children’s favourites.

Let’s not hide the fact that Disneyland Paris is not designed for very young children: most of the attractions even have a minimum height limit to access them. The attractions dedicated to the youngest children are concentrated in Fantasyland.

The use of a pushchair is essential: it will allow the little ones to avoid long walks, take restorative naps and rest at the most tiring times. In addition, the buggy will give you the opportunity to carry everything you need for a peaceful day, such as food, water bottles, and a small blanket for napping. Caution: Strollers must be strictly left outside the queues for the attractions, positioned in the designated parking areas.

Consider taking the Disneyland Railroad, for a tour of Disneyland Park by train. It will be a pleasant diversion for the little ones, with the advantage of placing the pushchair on the platforms without even having to close it.

Inside the park you will find Baby Care Centres, where you will find everything you need to take care of your baby, such as changing tables, feeding corners and high chairs.

Is it your child’s birthday? Don’t hesitate to drop by the Town Hall or the Studio Service: a few surprises await the birthday boy or girl.

The best time to shop

Families and children often want to take home a souvenir of their unforgettable stay at the Disney Park. This is how most shops find themselves thronged, especially in the evening, when the park is about to close.

To avoid the crowds in these shops and take full advantage of shopping in the park, it is best to go to the shops when the park opens, early in the morning. And to avoid having to carry your purchases all day on your back, the park allows you to leave your souvenirs in the shop and collect them before leaving Disneyland. A free service you can take advantage of.

Bring a battery charger and power bank

During your stay at Disneyland, your smartphone will take hundreds of photos and videos: you will drive it crazy because you will have endless moments and details to capture.

Inevitably, at some point, you will run out of battery power. Take a power bank (i.e. a portable battery) and a battery charger with you, which is essential especially in anticipation of the evening show. In fact, remember that everywhere, especially at shops and restaurants, you will find power sockets available to recharge your electronic devices. For example, you will find afree self-service charging area for mobile phones in the Videopolis Alpha Arcade in Disneyland Park. Six cubes and four charging terminals with USB, induction or electric sockets are available. Visitors must, however, bring their own cable with them.

Despite what you might think, selfie-sticks are not allowed in the park for safety reasons. For selfies, the only solution is to bring along a small, lightweight tripod, the kind that is adjustable and compatible with all types of smartphones.

Using the Baby Switch

Visiting Disneyland Paris with young children is undoubtedly magical, but the experience can sometimes be frustrating, especially if your children are too young to access the ride or if you are travelling with several children of different ages.

The park has thought of everything: no more doubled waiting times when two parents want to take turns on the ride. Thanks to the Baby Switch, you only have to wait once: there is a small waiting area where one of the two parents stays with the child. He or she will get on in turn without queuing or waiting any longer, as soon as the second parent gets off the attraction and takes over.

Taking advantage of the Single Rider

Sometimes the length of queues for attractions can become exhausting: waiting times often get longer and some attractions become inaccessible.

To get around this impasse, you can take advantage of the Single Rider option: this is an entrance line reserved for singles, i.e. visitors travelling unaccompanied. This is much quicker, as there are often empty seats left in the rides, which are then allocated to those who present themselves via this access. Obviously this will mean experiencing the ride alone, an option sometimes preferable to hours and hours of waiting.

Where to eat at Disneyland Paris

Inside the Disney parks there are about 65 eating places, ranging from a wide selection of restaurants, fast food and kiosks, suitable for all needs and budgets: from vegetarian to ethnic, from quick sandwiches to self-service, from Disney-themed restaurants to chains like McDonald’s, Starbucks or Earl of Sandwich.

Of course, eating inside the parks is very expensive, restaurants are always crowded and if you want to reserve a table, you have to book well in advance, in some cases up to 2 months in advance.

To try and save money, we recommend that you bring a breakfast, lunch or various snacks with you, to be consumed quickly in the picnic areas, also so that you don’t waste too much time and enjoy the day. In this way you will avoid the endless queues to get into restaurants.

Water bottles are also extremely expensive and carrying a supply in your rucksack is a good idea to save money: you can reuse the empties and fill them up at the fountains throughout the park.

Finally, it’s not a bad idea to avoid meals inside the parks (the quality of which always leaves something to be desired) and dine at the end of the day at Disney Village or in the vicinity of Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris Hotels

Have you decided to dedicate several days to the parks and want to treat yourself to a magical and unforgettable stay? Then you absolutely must choose one of the official Disney hotels in the park. You will be spoilt for choice: from luxury hotels to theme hotels, from Disney-approved facilities to wooden bungalows in the middle of nature. Needless to say, this type is definitely expensive.

Disney Hotels

Staying in one of Disney’s theme hotels means treating yourself to a dream, completely immersing yourself in the magical and fantastic atmosphere of the Disney world. The costs, of course, are very high, especially in peak tourist periods when they become practically unaffordable. If you monitor carefully, however, you may find good seasonal package deals, often in conjunction with less crowded periods.

The choice of these hotels depends not only on economic availability, but also on a number of advantages that these facilities provide to guests:

Disney Davy Crockett Ranch
Villeneuve-le-Comte - Route Ranch Davy Crockett
8.0Very good 3.822 reviews
Book now
Disney Hotel Cheyenne
Coupvray - Rue du Bœuf Agile
7.9Good 3.529 reviews
Book now
Disney Hotel Santa Fe
Coupvray - Avenue Robert Schuman
7.9Good 3.274 reviews
Book now
Disney Newport Bay Club
Chessy - Avenue Robert Schuman
7.4Good 2.950 reviews
Book now
Disney Sequoia Lodge
7.9Good 2.519 reviews
Book now
Disney Hotel New York
Chessy - Avenue René Goscinny
8.5Fabulous 1.963 reviews
Book now
Disneyland® Hotel
Chessy - Rue de la MarniereExtra sanitary measures
8.2Very good 86 reviews
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Disney Nature Resorts

The Disney Nature Resorts are also official Disney facilities, but further away from the park than the other hotels and characterised by a location surrounded by nature. In these resorts it is also possible to choose self-catering flats, ideal for large families.

Also in this case, entrance tickets to the parks are included in the price for the entire duration of the stay and advance admission to the attractions, but unlike the hotels inside the Disneyland park, the shuttle is charged for and there are no Disney characters. Car parking, on the other hand, is always free of charge.

Center Parcs Villages Nature Paris
Bailly-Romainvilliers - Route de VilleneuveExtra sanitary measures
7.3Good 1.140 reviews
Located 32 km from Paris and 6 km from Disneyland® Paris, Center Parc Villages Nature Paris is an atypical holiday resort where guests can enjoy 5 themed areas including the Aqua Mundo, one of Europe’s largest water parks, which is geothermically heated to year-round and features 7 slides, a wavepool and an outdoor pool with views of the resort's lake.Guests can choose from 3 different accommodation styles- Cocoon VIP, Country Premium or Clan Comfort.
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Disney Partner Hotels

Disney partner hotels are hotels not far from the entrance to the Disney parks, not belonging to the Disney group but selected by the park for the quality of their services. They are only about 5 to 10 minutes away by free shuttle bus, always running during the opening days of the parks and running until late in the evening, to allow visitors to spend the evening at Disney Village.

They are excellent hotels and resorts, equipped with all comforts, often offering affordable rates. The packages offered by these establishments almost never include the entrance ticket to the parks, which you have to buy separately.

B&B HOTEL près de Disneyland Paris
Magny-le-Hongre - Disneyland® Paris - 60 Avenue De La Fosse Des PressoirsExtra sanitary measures
8.1Very good 19.759 reviews
Book now
Campanile Val de France
Magny-le-Hongre - 10, Avenue de la Fosse des PressoirsExtra sanitary measures
7.8Good 19.493 reviews
Book now
Radisson Blu Hotel Paris, Marne-la-Vallée
Magny-le-Hongre - Allée De La Mare HouleuseExtra sanitary measures
7.9Good 13.187 reviews
Book now
Explorers Hotel Marne-la-Vallée
Magny-le-Hongre - 50 avenue de la Fosse des PressoirsExtra sanitary measures
7.6Good 9.801 reviews
Book now
Aparthotel Adagio Val d'Europe près de Disneyland Paris
Serris - 42, cours du DanubeExtra sanitary measures
7.1Good 8.896 reviews
Book now
Grand Magic Hotel Marne La Vallée
Magny-le-Hongre - 20 Avenue De La Fosse Des PressoirsExtra sanitary measures
8.0Very good 6.164 reviews
Book now
L'Elysée Val d'Europe
Serris - 7 Cours du DanubeExtra sanitary measures
9.0Superb 5.691 reviews
Book now
Dream Castle Hotel Marne La Vallee
Magny-le-Hongre - 40 Avenue de la Fosse des PressoirsExtra sanitary measures
7.9Good 4.704 reviews
Book now

Where to stay near Disneyland Paris

Of course, Disney’s official hotels are not the only solution for sleeping near the park. There are many cheaper hotels in the area, which can be found in the municipalities surrounding the park, such as Marne-La-Vallée and Val d’Europe.

The advantages of staying in Marne-La-Vallée and Val d’Europe are numerous: the hotels are only a few minutes away from the Disneyland park and the Marne-La-Vallée-Chessy TGV station (the Val d’Europe metro station is one of the park’s stations), the rooms offer much cheaper rates all year round and sometimes shuttles are included for the round trip to Disneyland Paris.

The other towns located around the Disneyland Paris park also offer much cheaper accommodation and provide a welcome compromise for families wishing to save money.

Magny-le-Hongre, Montévrain, Torcy, Bussy-Saint-Georges host several hotels fairly close to the Disney park: the rates are advantageous and are a good solution especially if you have little time to spare and will only be returning to your hotel to sleep late at night.

We offer best rates If you find it cheaper we refund the price difference.
Free cancellation Most properties allow cancellation without penalty.
We're available 24 hours a day For any problem call

Recommended hotels near Disneyland Paris

Campanile Val de France
Magny-le-Hongre - 10, Avenue de la Fosse des PressoirsExtra sanitary measures
7.8Good 19.493 reviews
Book now
Radisson Blu Hotel Paris, Marne-la-Vallée
Magny-le-Hongre - Allée De La Mare HouleuseExtra sanitary measures
7.9Good 13.187 reviews
Book now
Explorers Hotel Marne-la-Vallée
Magny-le-Hongre - 50 avenue de la Fosse des PressoirsExtra sanitary measures
7.6Good 9.801 reviews
Book now
Aparthotel Adagio Val d'Europe près de Disneyland Paris
Serris - 42, cours du DanubeExtra sanitary measures
7.1Good 8.896 reviews
Book now
Adagio Serris Val d'Europe
Serris - 18, Cours de l'ElbeExtra sanitary measures
7.6Good 8.396 reviews
Book now
Residhome Val d'Europe
Montévrain - 3, place Jean MonnetExtra sanitary measures
8.3Very good 7.264 reviews
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How to get to Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios are located in Marne-la-Vallée, about 30 km east of the centre of Paris in the Ile-de-France region. The parks are easily accessible by various means, depending on your travel needs: 1 hour from Paris airports by shuttle bus, just a two-minute walk from the Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station.

Directly from the airport with the Magical Shuttle

Airlines provide regular flights to Paris-Orly, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Beauvais airports.

If you land at Paris-Orly Airport and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, we recommend taking the Magical Shuttle to go directly to the parks: the shuttle provides a regular link between Paris airports and Disney hotels, partner hotels, Villages Nature Paris by Center Parcs and Disney Parks with a stop at Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy. The shuttle takes approximately 60 minutes.

If, on the other hand, you arrive at Paris-Beauvais Airport, you can take the airport shuttle to the Porte Maillot metro station, which takes about 1 hour 15 minutes depending on traffic. From here take line 1 to Château de Vincennes, getting off at Charles de Gaule Etoile station, from where you will take the RER line A to Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy/Disneyland Paris.

By train from Paris

If you are staying in Paris, the quickest and easiest way to get to Disneyland Paris is to take the RER A train, which takes about 35 minutes from Nation station.

Please note that the RER A ticket is not valid from airports, but only from the centre of Paris (zone 1) to Disneyland Paris. Only the Paris Visite zone 1/5 ticket allows you unlimited travel in all zones, including from central Paris to Marne-la-Vallée.

With the Disneyland Paris Express from the centre of Paris

From the centre of Paris, you can take the Disneyland Paris Express, a service that includes bus transport + 1-day admission ticket. Two separate lines depart from 4 strategic points in the city, all easy to reach:

Shuttle 1

Shuttle 2

The journey takes 1.5 hours and the departure times allow you to arrive in time for the opening of the park.

Arrival at Disneyland Paris is scheduled for 09:45, although times are subject to traffic conditions. Shuttle arrival stations are located in the Disneyland Paris bus car park, a 10-minute walk from the Parks entrance on the treadmills.

On the return journey, departure from Disneyland Paris is at 20:00 or 21:00 when the park closes after 20:00.

By car or private transfer

If you have decided to rent a car in Paris, to reach Disneyland Paris you will have to take the A4 motorway (Autoroute de l’Est), direction East andexit atexit no. 14 Parcs Disney/Bailly-Romainvilliers.

Once you arrive at the park, you will have to leave your car in the car parks available to guests at a cost of €30 per vehicle. On the other hand, if you stay in one of the park’s hotels, parking is free for guests of the Disney Hotels, with the Easy Pass card provided by the hotel.

Finally, also consider the possibility of a private transfer.

Useful information


Bd de Parc, 77700 Coupvray, France


  • Monday: 09:30 - 23:00
  • Tuesday: 09:30 - 23:00
  • Wednesday: 09:30 - 23:00
  • Thursday: 09:30 - 23:00
  • Friday: 09:30 - 23:00
  • Saturday: 09:30 - 23:00
  • Sunday: 09:30 - 23:00

Where is located Disneyland Paris

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Paris Museum Pass: 2, 4, or 6 Days
Paris Museum Pass: 2, 4, or 6 Days
Visit more than 60 of the top museums and monuments in and around Paris with a convenient and affordable Paris Museum Pass. Explore famous sites, like the Louvre and Versailles, and visit the Centre Pompidou.
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