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The Paris Visite pass is the Paris transport pass allowing unlimited use of all public transport in the city, valid from 1 to 5 days.
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The Paris Visite card is a dedicated transport pass that allows unlimited use of all public transport in the French capital: metro, tram, bus, RER and SNCF trains and even the Montmartre funicular. It also offers various discounts on entrance tickets to museums and attractions in the city.

Means of transport included

How the Paris Visite works

The Paris Visite season ticket allows you to travel with complete freedom within Paris, but you must first identify two factors: the area within which you wish to travel and the number of days you wish to use it.

In fact, Paris Visite can be applied to 2 different zones:

Once you have chosen your area, all you have to do is select the number of days: the card can be valid for 1, 2, 3 and 5 days . As with all types of season tickets, you make the biggest savings with a higher number of days, as the average daily cost is reduced.

How to use the Paris Visite

The Paris Visite is a traditional paper-based season ticket: you must write your name in pen and indicate the start and end date of validity. The card is therefore nominative and personal: it cannot be given to a third party for any reason.

Remember that it is valid on a calendar basis: the period of use begins from the first day at 00.00 to the last day at 24.00.

Remember that you must necessarily obliterate the card the first time you use it in order to activate it.

How much does the Paris Visite cost and where can I buy it?

The Paris Visite offers two rates: one for adults and one for children aged 4 to 11 (not yet 11 years old ), discounted by 50%. On the other hand, children under 4 travel free of charge as long as they do not occupy a seat. Adult Paris Pass prices range from 13 to 72 euros depending on the number of days and zones chosen.

The Paris Visite pass can be purchased directly online, so you don’t waste time, or at all metro and train station ticket machines, including those located at airports or ticket offices in main stations.

Zones 1-3

Zones 1-5

Paris Visite discounts

By purchasing a Paris Visite you can enjoy numerous discounts at many Paris attractions. To obtain the reductions, show your Paris Visite at the ticket offices of the attractions.

Is it worth buying the Paris Visite?

The only way to know whether it is worth buying the Paris Visite is to study your travel itinerary: normally, the card is advantageous if you can make at least 5-6 trips per day . The advantages should then be cross-referenced with other day passes: you need to compare in terms of days, areas and attractions to visit. Also consider the travel to and from the airport, which is normally very expensive.

Undoubtedly, Paris Visite is especially convenient for those who intend to walk little and use the metro a lot to get around the city. In addition, if you buy the Paris Visite you will receive the Paris Plan map, which gives access to great discounts for many Paris tourist attractions, such as 25% off the Tour Montparnasse or the Musée Grévin and a discount on the 2-day pass to the Palace of Versailles. All discounts can be found on the map and a valid Paris Visite coupon must be shown at the ticket office to take advantage of them.


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