Normandy with children

A trip to Normandy is very interesting for children and young people, intrigued by history and nature.
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A trip to Normandy is extremely interesting for children and young people, who will be intrigued by the history and nature: but sometimes you need to dedicate a day to pure enjoyment to let their energies loose and find new enthusiasm for the next stages of your itinerary.

We have put together some ideal destinations for you to include in your trip to Normandy with children. Don’t forget the many farms scattered around the region: they will be happy to welcome your kids to see the animals up close!

The magical village of Bellefontaine

To keep the little ones entertained, you can take a little diversions inland from Mont Saint-Michel: here, a nature park awaits you where the kids can explore the fairy valley, the magic woods, the garden of fountains, waterfalls and magic castles, Noah’s Ark and its animals, and the puppet theatre.


The City of the Sea

Inside the old Cherbourg maritime station, the City of the Sea is a tourist, cultural and scientific complex dedicated to the human underwater adventure. Youngsters will be able to discover the Ocean Pole with the highest cylindrical aquarium in Europe (some 4,000 fish, 2,000 invertebrates and an interactive museum space and the Archimède bathyscape exhibition) and the Submarine Pole with a guided tour of the largest submarine in existence, Le Redoutable.



Also close to Cherbourg (10 km), you can visit Ludiver, a park dedicated to the wonders of the universe: a planetarium with interactive shows, observations with telescopes and fun exhibitions.



This amusement park on the outskirts of Caen brings together different characters and attractions: from the Duke of Normandy to Viking rides, from dinosaurs to the Belle Epoque to entertain young and old alike.


Center Parcs

Located in Normandy in the heart of the Avre valley, the Domaine des Blois francs awaits you with its 310 hectares of forest and its 19th-century castle. Here, families can indulge in many outdoor activities, from the water park for the kids to the spa for the parents, from the adventure park to the pony rides and mini-golf.


Parc Zoologique de Cerza

Just 7 km from Lisieux, a 60-hectare zoo awaits you with over 800 wild animals living peacefully in supervised freedom within the park. You can admire the 120 species from 5 continents through two walking circuits and see the animals in natural conditions. Everything here has been designed with animal welfare in mind. The park also offers many attractions for young and old, such as the safari train that takes you to photograph wildlife or the possibility of staying overnight in the park.


Zoo de Jurques

20 minutes from Caen is this beautiful zoo where you can admire more than 650 animals from all over the world!


Champrepus Zoo and Gardens

With its 120,000 visitors a year, the Champrepus zoo is the third most visited attraction in Manche after Mont Saint Michel Abbey and the Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg. The originality of Champrépus is that it is based on the subtle alchemy of fauna and flora, integrating domestic and wild animals in a landscape similar to their natural environment.


Mont Saint-Michel Reptile House

A stone’s throw from Mont St Michel, in the large labyrinth you can see more than 200 crocodiles, lizards, 300 tortoises including the giant Seychelle tortoises. A hoot especially for the little ones.