The most beautiful villages on the Normandy coast

With its 600 km of coastline between Etretat and Mont Saint Michel, Normandy preserves an exceptional landscape of cliffs, harbours and villages.
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Normandy boasts no less than 600 km of coastline between Mont-Saint-Michel and Le Tréport where cliffs, picturesque harbours, impressive cliffs, villages and stacks alternate.

So that you don’t miss anything, here are the best spots to photograph and admire.


The spectacular cliffs of Etretat that change colour with the variations in light at different times of day are the quintessential Normandy panorama and well worth the trip.


Mont-Saint-Michel is an almost obligatory choice but its beauty suspended between heaven and earth, immersed in the blue of the sea and sky is an essential stop.


How could one fail to visit Honfleur, one of Normandy’s most characteristic villages with its seaside charm?

Cap de la Hague

This corner of paradise, which looks like something out of a postcard from Ireland, is a perfect combination of greenery, nature, sea with a romantic lighthouse and a lifeboat station.


This quaint harbour wedged between cliffs overlooks a crystal-clear turquoise sea that glows with Caribbean colours on sunny days.


This town overlooks the beach with villas and chalets of fin-de-siècle architecture that give it a special charm.

Cap de Carteret

Cap de Carteret is a rocky promontory overlooking a tongue of cream-coloured sand from which a section of the customs path starts.