How to get around Corsica

Some useful tips for getting around Corsica by alternative means to the car
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The best means to cross and move around the island is definitely the car, which offers freedom of movement and personalised comfort.

Visiting Corsica by car offers the possibility of stopping wherever you want, reaching the most remote and picturesque corners and having no time or route limits.

But there are other means of transport that you can use according to your needs and interests, whether you are looking for savings or want to enjoy a holiday dedicated to sport and outdoor activities.


Unfortunately, Corsica’s bus network is not very good and although there are many companies operating, it is very difficult to find out what routes are available as some companies only operate one line.

In summer, it is possible to reach the island’s main resorts with the exception of a few less-travelled and well-known mountain destinations, while out of season connections are almost non-existent and are often merged with school buses and mail distribution.

The buses that ply the most popular routes are modern and comfortable while those serving the smaller localities are older, slower and smaller.

Unfortunately, the fares for individual journeys are very high in spite of the short distances covered due to the seasonal nature of the service.


The Corsican rail network consists of only 4 lines:

  1. Ajaccio – Bastia: 4 connections per day
  2. Bastia – Corte: 5 connections a day
  3. Ajaccio – Calvi: 2 connections a day with a change and a connection to Ponteleccia
  4. Calvi – Bastia: 2 connections a day with a change and a connection to Ponteleccia

These routes are served by slow, cadenced winkles, which, although they make travel time much longer, allow you to admire the beautiful inland landscapes.

If you want to travel by train, the train is an excellent and reasonably priced means of transport, despite the disadvantage of the length of the routes, e.g. Ajaccio – Bastia takes 4 hours.

There are discount cards with which you can travel freely on the entire network for several days at a reduced cost.

There is a particular route called the Balagne beaches train , which connects Calvi to Ile-Rousse, following the coast and making some 15 stops at beaches.


If you are a sports enthusiast, you can decide to get around by bicycle. Be warned that Corsica’s mountainous conformation and the high summer temperatures make this experience particularly trying. Nevertheless, it will be a real pleasure for the eyes to cross the rugged but unspoilt Corsican landscapes.

There is the train+bike formula: the vehicle is placed in equipped carriages but the transport of bicycles requires a supplement…


Some particular locations can be reached by sea Plage du Lodo, the village of Girolata and the islands of Lavezzi.

You can also take day trips between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, Porto and Calvi or Ajaccio and the Reserve de Scandola.


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Car hire in Corsica

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