Archaeological site of Filitosa

A valuable archaeological site covering a time span from the beginning of the Neolithic to Roman times.

This small inland town is famous for a valuable archaeological site: the ruins cover a time span from the early Neolithic to Roman times.

Scholars still wonder about the meaning of the monoliths depicting human faces or weapons, 3 metres high and carved in granite: some put forward the hypothesis that they were phallic symbols planted in the ground for fertility, others depictions of knights or monuments built to ward off calamities.

These sculptures were destroyed or removed by the invasion of the Torreans, who were more militarily advanced than the islanders and replaced them with mysterious circular constructions.

The menhir statues are considered a true masterpiece of megalithic art and with their circular arrangement impress visitors with their aura of mystery.

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Filitosa, Site préhistorique, D57, 20140 Sollacaro, France


TEL: +33 4 95 74 00 91


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