Tour of Corsica, 2-week itinerary

Many itineraries to discover all the magnificent attractions of Corsica.
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The territory of Corsica lends itself to different interpretations, to build a personalised trip to discover the island’s beauty.

You can devote yourself entirely to the turquoise, crystal-clear sea with unspoilt, wild beaches or prefer the inland villages with their unique, picturesque character.

Those who prefer direct contact with nature can opt for one of the many hiking circuits that allow you to cross Corsica amidst forests, waterfalls and magnificent mountains. Or you may prefer cities rich in history and a lively cultural heritage steeped in centuries-old traditions.

Whatever your interests, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday in Corsica.

2-week itinerary in Corsica

Route: 650 km | Duration: 2 weeks | Recommended period: June to September

This classic itinerary allows you to make the grand tour of Corsica with a circular route that starts and ends in Bastia, where most of the ferries dock.

In a fortnight you will be able to admire all the beauty of the island. Obviously the tour favours the coastal roads, which touch the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches, but it is possible to make forays inland to discover the picturesque and characteristic villages.

This itinerary provides a rich alternation of town and sea for a truly unforgettable holiday!


Depending on the arrival time of your ferry, you can spend the rest of the day wandering around the narrow streets of Bastia that centre around Place Saint Nicolas, one of the largest in Europe.

If you have the chance to wander around the city in the morning, head for the market district, which is very lively and an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the daily life of the city.

From the church of Saint Jean Baptiste, go down the steps to the old port: here you can meet fishermen in full activity. Sometimes they are willing to tell you the story of the Dragon pier.

Cap Corse – Saint-Florent

Set off early to tour Cap Corse following a magnificent panoramic road from which to admire the spectacle of the cliffs!

Along the way you will come across a series of charming villages where you can make short stops, such as Erbalunga, Macinaggio, Centuri and Barcaggio beach. The tour ends in pretty Saint-Florent.

You will also be able to admire the famous Genoese towers, positioned at strategic points from which you can enjoy wonderful views.

Another special feature of the area are the ‘houses of the Americans’, colonial-style residences named after the captains who were exiled to South America and then returned who settled in the area in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The stretch of road from Centuri to Nonza is absolutely enchanting! You will be fascinated by the wild coastline with its sheer cliffs, hidden coves and picturesque villages.

Don’t miss a stop at Nonza, with its striking black pebble beach and 150-metre vertiginous cliff.

Agriates Desert – Ile-Rousse

Another day on the road to discover, this time, a completely different landscape, the Desert des Agriates: 36 kilometres of stones, rocks, Mediterranean vegetation and colours!

To break up the journey, if time permits and if you are at the wheel of a sturdy car, you can venture onto the dirt tracks leading to the sea, for some refreshing swims on picture-postcard beaches!

End your day in Ile-Rousse, a pleasant seaside town full of delightful little squares in the shade of hundred-year-old plane trees, with a lively covered market, cool alleyways and an unusual peninsula called the Red Rock Peninsula from which you can enjoy a magnificent sunset.

Calvi and the villages of Balagne

After spending a few hours exploring the small town of Ile-Rousse , we head to Calvi, one of the most popular seaside towns on the island. Here you can admire the narrow streets of the citadel, the rampart walk and the colourful and lively harbour.

If you want to savour the more authentic charm of the area, climb a scenic inland road through olive and oak trees to reach Lumio, a picturesque belvedere village overlooking the bay of Calvi.

If you have time and love the coolness of the interior, you can dedicate an afternoon to discovering the villages of Balagne, an area of ancient and authentic charm full of perched villages where time seems to stand still.

Calanques de Piana and Scandola Nature Reserve

Leaving Calvi, we head towards Porto Ota, a beautiful town overlooking the sea and the fishing harbour: don’t miss the sunset at the marina.

Spend the rest of the day visiting the Calanques di Piana or take a sea trip to admire the Scandola Nature Reserve.

If you have time, just a few kilometres from the town is the picturesque village of Ota.

Cargese – Ajaccio

Before arriving in Ajaccio, make a stop in Cargese, a charming town with picturesque and quiet alleyways, where you can possibly stop for a spot of swimming, thanks to the many beaches in the area.

Spend the remainder of the day visiting Ajaccio, the Corsican ‘capital’, and for a trip to the Sanguinaire Islands and Cape Feno with its beautiful, exotic-smelling beaches.

Propriano – Sartene

Continue your descent southwards and you will come to Propriano, a placid seaside town that you can use as a stopover to continue on to Sartene, a real jewel of a village that is the guardian of ancient traditions.

Before arriving in Sartene, you can make stops at some fine sandy beaches in the gulf of Valinco, Campomoro, Porto-Pollo, Baraci.

Around Sartene you can visit some prehistoric sites: Stantari, Rinaghjiu, Palaggiu and Funtanaccia.

Leaving the village, make a small diversions towards Sainte Lucie de Tallano following the D 268 road to admire one of the island’s oldest bridges, the ‘horse’s back’.

Bonifacio and surrounding beaches

We devote 3-4 days to the Bonifacio area and to sea life on the beaches and islands in the surrounding area.

You could start by discovering Bonifacio, a little gem perched on cliffs; you will be dazzled by the contrast of the white of the limestone rocks with the emerald colour of the sea.

If you love the sea, relax on the island’s most beautiful beaches, all equally crystalline and idyllic. To the west of Bonifacio are the beautiful beaches of Tonnara, Tra Licettu and Roccapina, while to the east, the beaches of Palombaggia, Piantarella and Rondinara and the gulfs of Santa Manza and Santa Giulia are not to be missed. You can also take a short sea trip to the Lavezzi and Cavallo islands, two small paradises.

Porto Vecchio and return to Bastia

Before returning to Bastia, make a short stop in Porto Vecchio.

North Corsica itinerary

Route: 169 km | Duration: 4 days | Recommended period: June to September

This evocative route goes around Cap Corse, one of the most beautiful and wild areas of Corsica. It passes through picturesque villages, picture-postcard landscapes, unspoilt beaches, but above all it runs along one of the most fascinating and unspoilt areas of the island, the Desert des Agriantes, which can only be accessed by dirt roads.

Cap Corse

On this first day, we explore the east coast of Cap Corse by following the Corniche, or D31, a narrow, winding road that climbs up through the mountains, passing through a series of picturesque villages such as Ville de Pietrabugno, San Martinu di Lota and Santa Maria di Lota before descending to the coast.

From up there, you can admire magnificent landscapes along the coastline and you will feel as if you have gone back 50 years. Here, time has stood still and few tourists venture into one of the most authentic parts of the island.

At this point you can head towards Erbalunga and its little restaurants by the sea for lunch.

Then follow the D80 to Macinaggio, in the northernmost part of the peninsula: there are several possible stops at marinas along the way, such as Sisto and Pietra Corbara.

The day ends in Centuri, a picture postcard harbour, after passing through the wildest part of Cap Corse.

The second day is dedicated to the western side of the peninsula, with spectacular landscapes set between the sea and the mountains.

Villages worth a stop are definitely Nonza and Patrimonio while Saint Florant and Lodo are famous for their crystal-clear beaches such as Saleccia beach and Lodo beach.

Desert des Agriates

Don’t be afraid to dedicate a whole day to the Desert des Agriates: a true naturalistic pearl of Corsica.

The narrow, unpaved roads (unless you have a 4×4 car) will force you to take it very slowly and if you want to reach some really stunning spots and beaches, you will be forced to continue on foot.

The overall effort will be repaid by magnificent landscapes and the chance to enjoy a crystal-clear, unspoilt sea.


This little itinerary ends with Ile-Rousse and its particularly renowned seaside resort.

If you have time to spare, you can explore the interior of the area, the Nebbio, an area famous for its lush vineyards, where you will find wineries, picturesque paths through the countryside and small villages out of time.