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Most flights to Corsica depart from the French airports of Paris, Marseille and Nice, but there are also many direct flights from the United Kingdom and Germany.

Finally, although with a few routes, there are also direct flights to Corsica from Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland.

Flights to Bastia

London Gatwick - Bastia - Corsica

Paris Orly - Bastia - Corsica

Paris Charles de Gaulle - Bastia - Corsica

Marseille - Bastia - Corsica

Nice - Bastia - Corsica

Munich - Bastia - Corsica

Frankfurt am Main - Bastia - Corsica

Barcelona - Bastia - Corsica

Copenhagen - Bastia - Corsica

Stockholm Arlanda - Bastia - Corsica

Brussels S. Charleroi - Bastia - Corsica

Berlin Brandenburg - Bastia - Corsica

Dusseldorf International - Bastia - Corsica

Flights to Ajaccio

Paris Charles de Gaulle - Ajaccio

Paris Orly - Ajaccio

Marseille - Ajaccio

Nice - Ajaccio

Brussels S. Charleroi - Ajaccio

Oslo Gardermoen - Ajaccio

Flights to Figari

London Heathrow - Figari Sud Corse

London Gatwick - Figari Sud Corse

Paris Beauvais - Figari Sud Corse

Paris Charles de Gaulle - Figari Sud Corse

Paris Orly - Figari Sud Corse

Marseille - Figari Sud Corse

Nice - Figari Sud Corse

Zurich - Figari Sud Corse

Brussels S. Charleroi - Figari Sud Corse

Flights to Calvi

London Gatwick - Calvi

Paris Orly - Calvi

Paris Charles de Gaulle - Calvi

Marseille - Calvi

Nice - Calvi

Brussels S. Charleroi - Calvi

Vienna - Calvi

Airports in Corsica

There are 4 international airports in Corsica – Ajaccio, Figari, Bastia and Calvi – operating all year round with direct flights from the main French cities by both scheduled and charter flights.

Ajaccio airport

1Rte de Campo Dell Oro, 20090 Ajaccio, Francia

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport is the largest airport in Corsica in terms of passenger numbers. It is located to the east of the city and is connected to the Ajaccio train station by bus line N.8

Bastia airport

2Poretta, 20290 Lucciana, Francia

Bastia Poretta Airport is the second largest airport in Corsica and is located south of Corsica’s second largest city. Approximately every hour there is a bus that connects the airport with Bastia central station in about 30 minutes.

Figari airport

3Route de l'aeroport, 20114 Figari, Francia

Figari Airport Southern Corsica is located in the southern part of Corsica, in the municipality of Figari, a 20-minute drive from Bonifacio and 20 minutes from the town of Porto Vecchio. Approximately every hour there is a bus that connects the airport with the central bus station of Porto Vecchio (Gare Routière) in about 30 minutes.

Calvi airport

4Rte de L Aéroport, 20260 Calvi, Francia

The Calvi Sainte-Catherine airport is located in the heart of Balagne, 10 minutes from Calvi and 4 hours from Bonifacio.


In the following map you can see the location of the main places of interest mentioned in this article

Alternatively, you can consider taking a ferry to Corsica, with or without a car in tow.


Ajaccio Airport

Ajaccio Airport

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