Events and festivals in Brittany

Breton culture is steeped in music and popular traditions: the Lorient Celtic Festival is just one of the many events taking place in Brittany.
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When one speaks of Brittany, one also inevitably speaks of music and popular traditions: Breton culture is pervaded by a strong sense of pride in its musical tradition, so varied and deeply rooted in the Celtic world.

On your trip to Brittany, you will be able to attend pardon, the religious processions, and fest-noz, the night festivals, where music and dance are fundamental components, as well as many events that re-enact popular traditions.

We recommend that you include at least one of these initiatives in your trip to experience at first hand the strong and deep-rooted Breton spirit, which has no equal.

Lorient Interceltic Festival

One of the most important events in Brittany is the Festival Interceltique, which takes place every year in August in the streets of Lorient.

For no less than 41 years, the city and its surroundings have been plunged into the magical Celtic atmosphere for 10 days, amidst the sound of bagpipes, horns and traditional sounds of the Celtic nations, namely Brittany, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man and Cornwall, joined in Europe by Asturias and Galicia. The event, which is a riot of dances, bands, music groups, Celtic culture, gastronomy and folklore, involves not only European countries but also those outside Europe where Celtic feeling is rooted, such as Argentina and Canada.

In addition to the activities accessible by means of an entrance ticket, one can attend the festival’s mighty opening parade through the streets of Lorient and the numerous street and fest-noz performances free of charge.

During this festival, which attracts 500,000 visitors each year, reservations are necessary to find a place in this small city taken by storm.


This collective dance that takes place in a circle during hot summer nights began as a socialising element, an opportunity to get together, sing and dance.

Over time, it has evolved musically and variations and experiments have arisen, but it remains to this day an experience deeply rooted in Brittany’s social and community history, engaging and exciting: don’t be awe-struck and join the locals to dance in a circle but above all to understand the magic of this dance by living it.


Brittany is a region of contrasting souls: alongside a massive presence of Celtic pagan culture, myths and legends, there is also an extremely deep-rooted and heartfelt Christian vocation. Travelling on the road you will often encounter churches, calvaries and crosses to remind you of God’s constant presence.

Religious traditions are therefore very much felt and practised, and the most famous are certainly the pardons, or processions of the local saint, a sort of collective feast with a religious background in which the whole community comes together in traditional costume to ask for forgiveness. The large pardons are impressive and it will be an extraordinary opportunity to experience one of the souls of Brittany up close.

Calendar of main events


La Fête de la Coquille Saint-Jacques

An enigrastronomic festival dedicated to scallops, marking the end of the fishing season in Erquy.


Festival Etonnants Voyageurs

A festival dedicated to international literature in Saint Malo.


Cod Festival

A great popular festival dedicated to cod, with tastings and ancient traditions in Binic.


Festival International de harpe celtique

Festival dedicated to Celtic harp music, full of charm and magic, in a perfect medieval setting in Dinan.

Festival de Cornouaille

Celebrates the customs, music and traditions of the Celtic world with concerts in every corner of the city in Quimper.

Festival des Vieilles Charrues

A festival dedicated to the music and love songs of yesteryear in Carhaix.


Lorient Interceltique Festival

10 days dedicated to wonderful Celtic music, both traditional and revived in a contemporary key in Lorient.

Les Arts dans la Rue

A festival dedicated to street theatre that takes place throughout the city of Morlaix.

Semaines Musicales

A week dedicated to classical music in Quimper.

Festival du chant de marin

A festival dedicated to the sea amidst local traditions, popular music and gastronomic tastings in Paimpol.

Festival du Bout du Monde

A festival dedicated to music, a real gathering for many young people in the Crozon region.

Festival de la Saint-Loup

This festival is dedicated to Breton folk music and dance, a not-to-be-missed appointment to enter the culture of Brittany at Guingamp.

Festival des Filets Bleus

Initially linked to ancient propitiatory fishing rituals, today it has turned into a fun maritime festival in Concarneau.

Mondial Folk

A music festival dedicated to popular music from all over the world, to appreciate cultures and traditions different from our own in Plozevet.

Fète des Ajoncs d’Or

Festival dedicated to flowers and local beauties in Pont Aven.

Fètes d’Arvor

Beautiful festival dedicated to Celtic traditions, music, dance and ancient crafts in Vannes.

Fète du Menez Hom

Festival dedicated to popular Breton dances: not to be missed in Plomodiern.