What to eat and drink in Brittany

The tasty Breton cuisine will amaze you with its robust and full-bodied dishes of seafood, shellfish and savoury meats accompanied by delicious cider.
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Breton cuisine is one of the great pleasures on a trip to Brittany, the equal of nature, medieval towns and history.

Unlike its twin Norman cuisine, more elaborate and rich in butter, Breton gastronomy is simple and homemade, a cuisine paysanne, with significant differences depending on the inland regions. In any case, it is dominated by the presence of fish in all its forms and variations, especially fruits de mer, or seafood.


For those who love fish , Brittany is the ideal place. Fishing enlivens the life of the towns and villages where themed festivals and fairs take place and where you can watch the criées, or colourful and crowded fish auctions.

We recommend you try the plateaux des fruits de mer, a platter that brings together all the main seafood and crustaceans for a truly spectacular lunch.


Meat dishes are less common but you can enjoy them especially in the inland areas of the beautiful Breton countryside.

Crépes and galettes

Although they are a very simple and seemingly trivial dish, crépes and galettes are one of the emblems of the region.

Crépes are made with wheat flour and usually have a sweet filling, spread with jam, filled with fruit or accompanied by ice cream and chocolate sauce. The most delicious version is crépes dentelles, rolled, sprinkled with sugar and baked until crispy.

Galettes, on the other hand, are made with buckwheat and filled with savoury ingredients such as ham, eggs and cheese (galette complète).

Typical fruit and vegetables

Like many regions deeply attached to the land and traditions, Brittany has implemented a programme to defend and safeguard local vegetables that have become real gems to try and enjoy.

Sweets and desserts

Breton pastries are also worth sampling, especially on those cold, windy, rainy days when it’s nice to hole up in a tea room.

What to drink in Brittany

Unlike Normandy where wine is an important component of the table, drinking traditions in Brittany have a much sweeter and more varied orientation.


As a great producer of apples, Brittany is home to cider, a very popular drink, effervescent and with a low alcohol content. Each area has its own variety and production technique. Cider is ideal to accompany meat and fish and is produced in 4 main types:


By rediscovering its Celtic origins, Brittany has also rediscovered beer and now has fifteen or so excellent craft breweries. Some beers to try:


Chouchen was in the time of the Druids the drink of the gods, a sweet, highly alcoholic beverage made from diluted fermented honey, the origins of which go right back to Celtic and Druidic culture.

There are also drier versions ideal for accompanying desserts. It is also excellent to emphasise the strong flavours of cheeses, especially herb-based, very tasty ones, or with lard.