Menhirs in Brittany

Brittany is home to a large number of archaeological sites from prehistoric times: from the famous Carnac alignments to the many menhirs scattered across the countryside.
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Brittany is one of the richest regions of France in terms of evidence of prehistoric times: menhirs, megaliths, dolmens, tombs, tumuli and burial chambers are scattered throughout the green Breton countryside.

We highlight the most spectacular archaeological sites.

Carnac alignments

1LIeu-dit le Ménec, 56340 Carnac, Francia

Carnac is home to the most impressive archaeological area in Brittany, with hundreds of ancient ruins: the most impressive alignements is Kerlescan.

Cairn di Gavrinis

2Île de Gavrinis, 56870 Larmor-Baden, Francia

It is one of Brittany’s most impressive prehistoric monuments: ancient peoples buried their dead here. Consisting of 29 menhirs decorated with spirals, shields, snakes and two-handed axes, it is striking for its size: 14 metres long, 50 metres wide and 8 metres high.

Monteneuf Menhir

3Les Menhirs de, 56380 Monteneuf, Francia

To the south of the Brocéliande forest stands the Monteneuf Menhir. The archaeological site has more than 400 stones, menhirs and monoliths on an area of 7 hectares. It can be freely visited and a beautiful nature trail with illustrated panels starts in the immediate vicinity.


Close to this small coastal town are some fascinating prehistoric monuments such as the Grand Menhir Brisé, more than 20 metres high and now lying on the ground, the Table des Marchand, a huge 30-metre-long dolmen and the Dolmen des Pierres Plates, a 24-metre-long chamber completely decorated with marvellous engravings.

Champ-Dolent Menhir

535120 Dol-de-Bretagne, Francia

Dol-de-Bretagne is home to one of the largest and best-preserved menhirs in Brittany.

Menhir De Cam-louis

6Cam Louis, 29430 Plouescat, Francia

Near Plouescat, you can visit this impressive 8-metre high menhir.

Menhir de Kerloas

729810 Plouarzel, Francia

Not far from Lanidut is the largest menhir in France, which deserves a little diversions.

Giant Manio

856340 Carnac, Francia

This immense menhir seems to come straight out of a legend.


In the following map you can see the location of the main places of interest mentioned in this article