Brittany with children

Brittany is a perfect destination for families with children who can discover legends, love history, immerse themselves in nature and enjoy unique experiences.
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Travelling as a family often involves keeping children and young people‘s attention, finding fun locations and attractions and breaking up the many kilometres in the car with happy, stimulating breaks.

Brittany is a perfectly suitable destination for families travelling with children in tow and there are a plethora of places to explore while having fun.

You can frolic on the beaches, discover the world of animals, get close to history among archaeological sites and medieval villages or perhaps have fun in an amusement park.

In contact with nature and animals

Brittany boasts lush nature: on the coast a crystal-clear sea with beautiful beaches and inland parks, countryside and forests to explore. You will be able to give your children truly unforgettable experiences, such as moments of fun in contact with nature and the outdoors.

Moreover, being a predominantly rural environment, Brittany offers the chance to discover the world of animals in the countryside and the sea.

Fishing on the rocks

Just wait for the low tide and turn a boring afternoon into a fun activity in search of crabs and sea snails, tellins, clams and cannolicchi.

Armed with boots and a bucket, you will entertain your children by learning about the varied marine habitat of the Brittany coast.

Sandcastles by the sea

Brittany will enchant you with its white beaches framed by a beautiful turquoise sea.

If you have the time and desire to let your children run free in total peace, park your car and if the sun is shining hot, arm yourself with a dustpan and bucket to make sandcastles on the beach.

Barefoot in the park

Fifteen minutes from the town of Renne there is a park that is great fun for children, Les Jardins de Broceliande: a 1-kilometre-long path to cross barefoot to “feel” the different textures of natural materials and elements such as buckwheat chaff, rubber, quartz, sand, shells, pebbles of various colours and sizes next to the dahlia maze, marble, sandstone, pozzolan, shale, slate.

Getting to know the farm animals

A trip, even a short one, to a farm is a truly unique, as well as educational, experience for your children. For a generation living in the city, seeing farm animals up close will be absolutely fun.

In addition to petting bunnies and rolling in straw, many facilities offer direct participation in typical activities such as milking a cow, feeding the chickens and collecting eggs. A fun way to learn while playing!

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There are more than 10 zoological parks in Brittany where your children will be able to see live strange and exotic animals hitherto only seen in TV documentaries. An unusual stop in the Breton environment that is sure to intrigue the children.


Kids are curious and really love sea creatures. Taking them to some aquariums can be a useful and fun experience perhaps on a bad rainy day when the kids get boring.

A plunge into history

Brittany is not only unspoilt nature but also history that can be felt in the medieval towns, in the themed festivals that enliven the summer season and in the Celtic vestiges of the past.

It will be a very entertaining way to introduce your children, especially the older ones, to this world.

The mysterious Celts of Carnac

Brittany boasts 3,000 menhirs spread over an area of 40 hectares and 4 km long: Carnac is the largest megalithic site in the world, erected 6,000 years ago, and the meaning of its mysterious alignments still remains unexplained.

Discover this fascinating and mysterious place like a little Indiana Jones.

Between castles and manors

The villages of Brittany evoke the tormented and fascinating medieval period: discover these places that have remained intact to tickle your children’s imaginations amidst castles, towers, walls with walkways and ancient moats to defend against invasions.

Medieval festivals

To get into the medieval spirit of the festivals that enliven the summer in Brittany, you’ll be spoilt for choice: knighthood tournaments, costume parades, juggling shows, trained bears, artisan markets and ancient flavours for a journey through time on the border between reality and fantasy. More info on:

Aquaparks and amusement parks

Although they are not a typical attraction in Brittany, theme parks can be a great alternative for a day out for kids and their need for fun and escape: they will arrive in the evening exhausted and recharged with energy for a new stage of your trip.

Fun experiences

In addition to seeing and visiting, children need to vent their exuberance and focus their energy on dynamic pastimes.

Involving them in activities that entertain and engage them is one way to make a trip to Brittany interesting for them too.

Hanging from a tree

Brittany is rich in lush forests and in recent years several parks have sprung up in which they can try their hand at tree-climbing between adventure (in total safety) for all ages and the discovery of nature.

Cycling in the Vois Vertes

The cool Breton temperatures are ideal for a bike ride in the middle of nature, through beautiful landscapes.

Hire a bike and follow even short sections of the Vois Vertes, safe and comfortable routes, often in the shade or sheltered from the wind, to explore along rivers and canals, stretches of coastline and beautiful rural landscapes.

On board a steam locomotive

In Brittany, there is the possibility of travelling short distances on enchanting steam trains, which will take you back to ancient times in a truly unique atmosphere: the locomotives will be an original way to explore Brittany and entertain your kids with their whimsical names, Vapeur du Trieux, Tire Bouchon, Léon à fer et à flots.

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