At the foot of the glacier, Tignes is an eccentric, cosmopolitan, sporty and innovative village, offering a huge area of slopes wrapped in the snow-covered Alps.
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Tignes is located in the French Alps, very close to the Italian border. Together with the village of Val-d’Isère, on the other side of the mountains, it forms the famous Espace Killy ski area, named after former skier Jean-Claude Killy. In winter and summer, ultra-fast lifts take you to the summit to experience the thrill of the descents.

This resort is one of the highest in France: in summer, the presence of the glacier allows skiing even in the warm months. But Tignes is not only a state-of-the-art ski resort: its incredible mountain scenery offers spectacular excursions, unusual sports activities, breathtaking viewpoints and excellent gastronomy.

Ski slopes in Tignes

The Tignes ski resort boasts 158 pistes totalling 300 km: 89 lifts (of which 10 are free), 4 cable cars, 45 chair lifts, 35 ski lifts, 2 snow parks and 2 glaciers await you.

There are 90 blue slopes, easy for beginners, 40 red slopes of medium level and 28 black slopes only for experienced skiers.

In particular, a lot of space is given here to beginner skiers, to whom a part of the area, called Ski Start, has been dedicated. The Ski Start areas have been designed and equipped for learning to ski, either alone or accompanied by a professional. The lifts for beginners are also specially designed to be accessible to everyone. Ski Start is divided into 2 free areas with special lifts.

Ski Start 1 Discover Area and Ski Start 2 Learn Area

The two zones are perfect for giving everyone the chance to discover and learn skiing without stress and at a lower cost: within a defined perimeter, served by free lifts, they allow beginners to make progress in learning to ski.

Ski Start 3 Area Evolvi

Area 3 is reserved for the next level, the average skier, who evolves in ability and skill over the course of practice hours. A ski pass must be purchased to access these slopes.

DC Park

A reference location in terms of freestyle, Tignes has in recent years hosted the unmissable Winter X Games from 2010 to 2013, but also Tignes Airwaves or Halfpipe World Cup on several occasions. Fruit of the collaboration between the famous streetwear brand DC Shoes and the resort of Tignes, the DC Park is designed for freestylers and international top riders.

Divided into two areas: the easy zone is specially designed for freestyle discovery and improvement. The snow park is reserved for experienced riders. The DC Park can be reached by the Gratallu chairlift and the Col du Palet ski lift.

Freeride play area

For those who want to try their hand at freeriding but are novices, a special area has been created. The Gliss Park is dedicated to parallel slalom and mini boardercross: it is located at the foot of the Palafour chairlift in Tignes le Lac, at the foot of the Anemone slope.

The Boardercross is part of the DC Park: this course of over 1,200 metres offers elevated curves, woops, bumps and extreme bends and can be reached by the Col du Palet lift.

On the other hand, the Easy Park is dedicated to beginners: the green and blue level tracks are ideal for gently familiarising yourself with freestyle evolutions.

What to do in Tignes in winter

The Tignes area, with its snow-covered landscapes, glacier and ski slopes, lends itself to a multitude of winter outdoor activities to satisfy all types of sportsmen and women: from speedriding to moonbiking, from mountain biking on snow to horse riding on snow to paragliding on skis.

Climbing the Grande Motte glacier

Even those unfamiliar with skis can enjoy the majestic beauty of the Grande Motte glacier in complete safety. In fact, you will be able to board the open-top cabins with a unique 360-degree view of one of the most beautiful panoramas in the French Alps: Mont Blanc, the Cime de Bellecôte and the Aiguille de la Grande Sassière (3,747 m).

The Altitude Experiences starts at the Tignes funicular station and ends at the foot of the Grande Motte glacier, at an altitude of 3,032 metres. During the ascent by funicular and then by cable car, the audio guide will suggest 8 viewpoints located at various altitude levels, allowing you to capture an exceptional panorama.

Once on the glacier, a museum dedicated to the world of glaciers awaits you : their formation, erosion, fauna, flora, extreme conditions on the peaks, as well as a panoramic terrace and suspended walkways. An unprecedented way to discover the mountain landscape.


The Tignes area, with its pristine, snow-covered landscapes, is perfect for snowshoeing. We invite you to discover the Rhêmes-Golette glacier, dominated by the summit of the Grande Sassière (3747 m), one of the most impressive routes.

Or you could try climbing the Col de la Leisse or go to the foot of the Aiguille Percée. This open-air activity to do in Tignes is undoubtedly one of the most invigorating and enjoyable.

Ski touring

Starting from the resort of Tignes, the Pala’foulée, La Fastoche and Le Collu ski mountaineering slopes allow ski mountaineering at an altitude of over 2100 metres.

All the pistes begin in Tignes le Lac, on the snowy front, to the right of the Palafour chairlift and you must follow the purple signs, dedicated to this sport. The ski-mountaineering slopes are accessible during the day from 8.45 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Bun J Ride

It’s an adrenaline rush for everyone, mixing the techniques of trampoline jumping, bungee jumping and ziplining.

Hooked at the waist with a harness connected to two mobile elastic bands, you launch yourself, on skis, snowboard or sled, from a 30-metre-long trampoline into 40 metres of empty space. Once stabilised, the system is unlocked and you zipline back down.

The trampoline is located along the blue Lac slope, which can be reached by the Merles chairlift, and a minimum age of 13 is required.

Sled dog excursions

Sledding in Savoie is an extraordinary way to discover the sublime snow-covered landscapes of the mountains surrounding Tignes.

Comfortably seated in your sled, let yourself be guided by the adorable Greenland Eskimo and musher dogs while enjoying breathtaking landscapes. Excursions last about 20 minutes and are accessible from 2 years of age and up. Pregnant women are not allowed to take part in this activity, due to the high strain on the vehicle.

The meeting points for the hikes are usually at the edge of Tignes le Lac or Tignes Val Claret.

Winter mountaineering

A traditional discipline in the Alps, winter mountaineering allows you to go beyond your limits.

Reserved for experts, this sport will take enthusiasts up to the summit of the Grande Casse, the highest peak in the Vanoise National Park, or to the Grande Sassière.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced mountaineer, the Tignes guides will lead you on ice and snow and give you valuable advice. You will benefit from specially designed equipment and an experienced guide.

Dive under the ice

Have you ever imagined diving into a world of ice and silence? In Tignes, you can easily dive under the ice. By booking with a specialised agency, you can enjoy a unique experience, during which you will discover a world of silence, bathed in a special light. In winter, Lake Tignes is dressed in a layer of ice 1 to 2 metres thick, under which incredible plays of light and shadow form, simply magical, thanks to the turquoise colour of its water.

Under the supervision of a qualified diving instructor, wearing a wetsuit, mask and oxygen tank, you can set off on a unique adventure, both by day and by night in complete safety. This activity can be practised from the age of 15 with a minimum height of 1.55 metres and no diving experience is necessary.

Climbing the ice walls

There are many natural waterfalls around Tignes, a paradise for climbing enthusiasts. With the help of specialised guides, you can climb an icefall of different lengths in the heart of the Vanoise National Park in Les Brévières, La Daille, La Raie, La Savinaz, Le Mone.

With your private guide, you will be provided with all the specific equipment: helmet, harness, ice axes, crampons. You can choose the best formula according to your level of preparation.

Off-piste skiing

The Tignes ski area is endless and offers countless off-piste skiing for all levels, from the gentle white slope of the Vallons de la Sache, to the corridors of the Grande Balme, via the north face of the Grande-Motte.

Experienced skiers will be able to go off-piste on their own, while those who have been approaching this sport for less time will rely on a high-mountain guide who will provide them with technical advice and accompaniment throughout the day. In this case, an intermediate level on the slope and a pair of off-piste skis are required so that the guide can ensure the smooth running of the excursion.


This is a dedicated 3 km toboggan run that passes through a 40 metre tunnel and follows a natural track, all accessible via the Palafour chairlift in Tignes le Lac.

The toboggan run follows the natural landscape: some parts are steep and require extra caution and careful driving. Due to its length and variety of terrain, Pala’fou is a very sporty downhill run: children must be at least 1.40 metres tall.

What to do in Tignes in summer

If Tignes is crowded and popular in winter, it is just as popular with mountain lovers in summer. It offers unspoilt nature, wide open spaces, and sports activities in the heart of the Vanoise National Park. Parents and children, experienced sportsmen and women and beginners, everyone finds the activity that suits them best in Tignes.

In fact, the area offers an incredible variety of outdoor sports: mountain biking and downhill, hiking and trekking, water sports at the lake, golf, archery, climbing, via ferrata, mountaineering, rafting, skate park, road biking and paragliding to name but the most popular.

The Tignes dam

A historical symbol of Tignes, the construction of the dam was started in the summer of 1947 and forced the inhabitants to abandon the village to rebuild it higher up, in Les Boisses. To maintain a link with the history of the place, the inhabitants decided to reproduce the old church in an identical manner.

Today, the dam offers a stupendous panorama with staggering numbers: 180 m high, 300 m long, 43 m wide, 6 years of construction, 230 million cubic metres of water, the equivalent of 100,000 Olympic swimming pools. Throughout the summer, you can take part in guided tours and discover all the secrets of this historic building in Tignes.

Moreover, in the summer of 1989, the painter Jean-Pierre Pierret began a huge 12,000 m² fresco on the vault of the dam depicting Hercules, renamed the Giant of Tignes. Today, little remains of the 6 tonnes of paint used, but one can still make out the features of the giant.

The Lake of Tignes

The icy waters of Lake Tignes descend directly from the Grande Motte glacier: the panorama is enchanting.

The area is popular with all water sports enthusiasts: water-jumping, hot-jumping, blob-jumping, stand-up paddle-boarding, paddle-boarding, canoeing, kayaking, trout-fishing. The Tignes nautical base is a true paradise for thrill-seekers and classic enthusiasts, ideal for spending a pleasant afternoon of sport: activities should be booked in advance, especially during peak tourist periods.

The lake is also frequented by families enjoying the landscape with children playing and trying out various sports.


The Alps are a huge playground for hikers: whether you walk alone or under the supervision of expert guides, you will discover many different trails in Tignes, to be chosen according to your individual level and physical condition.

You can range from easy trails in the forest of Brévières or the Bois de la Laye, suitable for families, as well as the botanical trail from Le Lavachet, which leads to the Gouille du Salin and down to the Voile de la Bride.

Or there are panoramic trails on the dam and Chevril Lake at 1,800 metres, including the Aiguille Percée trail or the Nazonde to discover the wilder sector of Tignes, or trails leading to high altitude lakes near the peaks of Tignes le Lac. With altitudes ranging from 1,550 to over 3,000 metres, you will be able to organise your excursions in the best possible way.

In addition, there is a specific ski pass, specially designed for pedestrians, which gives access to the various cable cars and funiculars: they will take you to the heights, from where you can take the various trails.

Lovers of history and picturesque villages will delight in discovering the authentic chalets in the villages on the eastern shore of Lac du Chevril and Isère: Villaret-du-Nial, Franchetto, Villaret des Brevières or the ruins of the Saut chalets in the Grande Sassière Nature Reserve.

Experienced mountaineers, on the other hand, will launch themselves into epic challenges: the hike on the Grande Motte glacier, in the heart of the Vanoise National Park, between 3000 and 3500 metres above sea level. The ascent is carried out equipped with harness, crampons and ice axe, followed by professionals and specialised guides.

Via Ferrata

You can do this outdoor activity at two places famous throughout the region: Le Plates de la Daille or the Roc de Tovière, which offer routes of varying difficulty, from the easiest to the most difficult.

Bike Park

With its steep landscape, the Tignes sector is a perfect place for downhill mountain bikers. You can practice this complete and demanding sport in the heart of the large Tignes Bike Park.

Awaiting you are 160 km of pistes, served by five mountain bike lifts. As with skiing, the downhill mountain bike tracks have different levels of difficulty: green, blue, red, black and double black tracks. The Tignes Bikepark is therefore suitable for beginners and experienced downhill riders alike.

There are also 5 circuits dedicated to electrically-assisted E-Bikes, with 3 progressive levels that will allow you to progress and test your improvements.


Adrenaline lovers won’t want to miss out on a unique experience. This is a ski jump directly into the lake with 3 levels of difficulty and the possibility of choosing between a slide with a trampoline, a slope with a bodyboard or even sliding on inflatable buoys of 6, 9 or 12 metres.

The activity is accessible from the age of 10 and it is essential to know how to swim.

How to get to Tignes

Its proximity to the Italian border makes Tignes a popular destination for skiing weeks in winter and for holidays in the Alps in summer.

In winter, to facilitate snow clearance and the movement of delivery and rescue vehicles, cars are not allowed to circulate. You get around on foot or by using the free shuttles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can leave your car in the 3500 parking spaces in the area, located between Tignes les Brévières and Tignes Val Claret.

If you live far from the border, you can reach Tignes by plane by landing at Lyon Airport or Geneva Airport: both are just over 200 km from the valley. However, the Tignes ski resort is not served by rail, so you will have to continue by bus or rent a car.

Where to stay in Tignes

Choosing the best accommodation in Tignes and the ideal area to stay depends on the purpose of your holiday. Whatever the period of your stay, winter or summer, we recommend booking well in advance to take advantage of the best rates and to find room in the best located hotels. Reductions can be as much as 20% less if you book your skiing holiday before October/November and up to -30% if you opt for periods outside of school.

We offer best rates If you find it cheaper we refund the price difference.
Free cancellation Most properties allow cancellation without penalty.
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Tignes – Le Lavachet

If you want to stay close to the chairlifts and ski lifts, to access the slopes without taking the car and optimise your day, then we recommend booking within the ski area. This solution will give you the opportunity to ski during the day, stroll through the shops in the afternoon and access the wellness centres.

What’s more, the hamlet of Lavachet in Tignes le Lac combines worldliness with relaxation.

Langley Hôtel Tignes 2100
Tignes - Rue de la PosteExtra sanitary measures
8.2Very good 884 reviews
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Hôtel Village Montana by Les Etincelles
Tignes - Les Almes
8.7Fabulous 463 reviews
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Hôtel Le Refuge
Tignes - Tignes Le LacExtra sanitary measures
8.5Fabulous 345 reviews
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Le Val Claret

If you are looking for nightlife after a busy day on the slopes, then we recommend a hotel in Tignes Val Claret.

This is the most festive area of the resort, which comes alive strictly in the après-ski and late into the night, with discos and dance floors, pubs with music and cosmopolitan evenings guaranteed.

Hôtel La Vanoise
Tignes - Le Val ClaretExtra sanitary measures
8.0Very good 360 reviews
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Studio défraichi mais propre et fonctionnel, idéalement placé
Tignes - Val Claret Apt , Immeuble Sefcotel
7.3Good 179 reviews
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Studio 1 cabine chalet club III refait à neuf
Tignes - 28 chalet club 3, avenue de grande motte , le val claretExtra sanitary measures
8.4Very good 87 reviews
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Tignes 1800

The resort’s new village, in the heart of Espace Killy, opened its doors in December 2013.

Organised around its church, a replica of that of the old village submerged by the waters of the dam, Tignes 1800 offers all the advantages of an international resort with the added tranquillity of a typical, albeit reconstructed, village.

Résidence Club MMV L'Altaviva
Tignes - L'Altaviva, ZAC des BoissesExtra sanitary measures
8.4Very good 636 reviews
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CGH Résidences & Spas Kalinda
Tignes - Tignes 1800
8.2Very good 74 reviews
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Tignes 1800
Tignes - 252 les olympiques 252 les olympiquesExtra sanitary measures
8.1Very good 28 reviews
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Les Brévières

At the foot of the dam, at an altitude of 1550 m, lies the village of Les Brévières with its traditional chalets. Here the watchword is relaxation surrounded by nature. If you are looking for all the atmosphere of a skiing holiday in a charming setting, then this is the place for you: crackling fireplaces in the winter evenings, tasty fondues, snow-covered alleyways surrounded by silence.

Résidence Santa Terra
Tignes - Les Brévières
8.9Fabulous 480 reviews
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Hotel Le Genepy
Tignes - D87BExtra sanitary measures
8.3Very good 182 reviews
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le mazot d'urbain
Tignes - montee des boissiere le mazot d’urbain
9.4Superb 11 reviews
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Where is located Tignes

In the heart of the French Alps, Tignes is very close to the Italian and Swiss borders, from which it is about 2 hours away.

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