What to eat in Alsace, typical dishes and wines

A small guide to Alsatian gastronomic specialities, to help you make the most of a menu and taste the best dishes and wines.
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Alsatian cuisine is greatly influenced by its geographical and cultural proximity to the neighbouring Black Forest and thus to Germany. Over the course of time and their respective political dominations, the two culinary traditions have intertwined and contaminated each other, resulting in a varied and surprising cuisine.

In fact, there are many dishes and specialities that the two countries have in common, especially meat dishes or the famous Bretzel, the salted breads in the shape of a woven heart.

The best places to taste Alsatian delicacies are definitely the bierstubs and winstubs, typical breweries and restaurants where you can enjoy a warm and characteristic atmosphere: they often offer set menus and the opportunity to try all the specialities of the area.

Alsatian cuisine

Traditional Alsatian dishes are rich and hearty dishes, which derive from rural tradition. The great protagonist is meat, of all kinds, accompanied by vegetables and tasty side dishes.

Typical dishes

Desserts to try

Alsatian wines

The speciality of Alsace are the white wines, highly appreciated for their fresh and light taste, suitable for accompanying traditional dishes that are usually very hearty and full-bodied.

Pinot Noir, typical of the Strasbourg area, also gives rise to rosés and very light red wines.

Local wines

Craft beers

Although wine is the absolute star of the Alsatian table, craft beer has also gained its own special place over the years.

Beer lovers should not miss the Beer Festival in Schiltigheim, the beer capital of Alsace, to discover all its secrets and taste its varieties.